Sunday, 29 September 2013


It was certainly a long time coming, what with the recce's, planning and scheduling.  Indeed, finding time to actually run the first and all new "The Amazigh Tour" proved a challenge in itself.  The fact is that Desert Detours now tour Morocco EVERY month.

A couple of clients even took part on one of the Andalusia tours then after just a couple of days rejoined us for the Moroccan crossing ....... good idea and cost effective.

Anyway, having just returned, amazed, exhilarated and a touch exhausted I have snatched a few moments to put together this brief blog posting.  A full account will follow, hopefully in the not too distant future; in the meantime perhaps take a look at just a few of the pictures taken whilst on tour and brief descriptions.

Interested? ......... We will be running JUST ONE small group "Amazigh Tour" next year ....... Current bookings are standing at around 50% already.  Contact for availability, details and updates etc.

Sadly it was too rough for the lighter boats to launch and it was not the sunniest of days, but what a rare opportunity to overnight at a scheduled fishing bay and witness real-life.  Fresh BBQ sardines in the cafe/beach hut when down well!

A stunning location, not just remote and exclusive ..... we were welcome guests of an old friend and Forest Ranger ..... but the silence and seclusion, early morning views, the evening sunset were just perfect, as was the evening meal and breakfast prepared by our hosts.  The private 1km track guarantees Desert Detours continued sole access.

The twisting drive was worth it ..... Just look at the view from yet another of our stunning overnight locations. 

There are caves and there are caves, this one being the biggest in North Africa.  Some clients [including myself] just did a first few steps and looked down while others took the 500 plus steps to reach the bottom where they ventured [with a guide, protective clothing and lights] into kilometres of tunnels.  Simply breath-taking!!!

Just a few of the clients geared up and waiting to take the optional tour to go under ground!

Going Down ......

......... And Down 

............ And Down

To the centre of the Earth?

Back up to Day light at last!

Myself, propping up the escort vehicle at the inland Moroccan/Algerian Border. 

While nearby, on the coast, we are reminded that the border is still closed.

The desert road south as long as was the train.  Staff member A'hammed was clearly enjoying the ride.

Looking across the Oasis to Algeria.  There were just so many surprises here including a very rare octagonal Mosque [one of the oldest mosques in Morocco], a Christian Church, underground tunnels, mysterious Kasbah's etc. etc. 

After yet another stunning extraordinary visit the group return by "Berber Bus" to the small farm where we had stayed overnight as welcomed guests.  The beef, prunes, vegetable tagine served in the pristine "guest room" was a humbling experience ...... And we got a rare [women] family, client photo opportunity.

Incredibly from nowhere a sandstorm, followed by rain, snow and hail ........ lasting all of 45 mins!!!

Meski Oasis and a Couscous meal .......... followed by sunset dining in a terrace restaurant a top the walls of Imperial Meknes sadly ran the "Amazigh Tour" to a close.

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