Friday, 16 November 2012

News Letter No. 27 with Moroccan "BITS" to follow:

As the year draws nearer to a close everyone in the office and the Tour Teams find that the proverbial is "not touching the ground". With the tour team just returning from the warm and sunny regions of Morocco with the October C&CC Morocco tour we have just enough time to re-load and set off again for the November tour! Then there is just a 5 day break before the FIRST December tour, I say first as we have TWO tours running a week or so apart during December with the second actually staying in Morocco over the Christmas and New Year before continuing on with the January 2013 group. Phewwwwww!

Quickly looking back it would be fair to say that the September weather was a touch too hot this year with desert temperatures well into the 40´s, however October was just about perfect, hovering at the mid-30´s most of time. The good news was and is that we missed the very heavy rain between tours. When it rains in Morocco it really rains!!! But rarely lasts long, so looking forward to a fresh but dry return for November. 

As mentioned we added a second and earlier December tour to our Moroccan schedule. This has proved to be highly popular with clients realising that they can do the regular tour with the option of staying on (return tickets valid for 3 months)in say Marrakech to enjoy an active festive season, or return to the desert area for a more relaxed and perhaps moving Christmas/New Year experience. Perhaps it was the awful summer weather in the UK or the realisation that after a couple of seasons in the UK a foreign trip is overdue.......

Whatever the reason we are seeing a very real increase in bookings for 2013 with around half of our 11 tour dates already full! We have kept our Moroccan tour prices almost without change for a number of years but are now having to take a serious look for 2013 onwards. Ferry, fuel, camping, office, staff, in fact just about everything as you will be aware has taken in some cases stiff increases. Unfortunately for us, but fortunately for future clients, at the moment I really do not have the time to sit and do the maths ....... until early in the New Year. So, IF you are thinking about joining one of our tours perhaps take advantage of the current tour costs. There WILL be an increase from early 2013. There will NOT of course be any increase for those already booked for 2013 tours.

GOING EAST......I have explored and done a dummy-run way over to the EAST of Morocco, running right up to the Algerian border, then down across the Plateau du Rekkham plains, then south passing near Bouafa before visiting Figuig, then west towards Boudnib etc etc. IF there is interest we could be running an "informal" trip next year ..... I say informal because it will NOT be advertised and will run on a NO fixed time schedule, other than being around 14 days in duration (as will be normal you will be able to stay on in Morocco after the trip ends). The style will be mostly widerness-informal camping and be a small group only.

This will be very much an "adventure" and NOT for those who find the unexpected, bizarre and unusual and/or impossible to accept!

Contact ASAP if you are interested.

Inevitably our continued success has drawn interest from other "Tour Operators", no problem .... you now have a choice. Of course they would have to go some to catch-up on our 30 plus years of experience rather than try to just imitate and copy our routes and itineraries, even their brochure wording looks remarkably familiar!!! But choice is good and imitation is flattering. MOROCCO NEWS LETTER BITS ........ Will follow ....... catch you soon ......

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